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Sharing what you learned or what you built in the form of a talk is a great experience and another way to contribute back to the Open Source community. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people and discuss ideas in person.

Here are a few talks that I (co-)presented at local user groups and conferences.

  • Build your own Neural Network, with PHP!
  •   Presented at PHPSW: Time for the Future, June 2018.
  • Curious about all the hype around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Heard of "Neural Networks" and "Deep Learning" but confused about what it really means? In this talk, you'll see what Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) look like and how they can "learn". And along the way, you'll discover how you can build your own ANN, with PHP of course!
  • PHP Interoperability with PPI Framework
  •   Presented at Northeast PHP, August 2015.
  • There's lot of buzz these days about PHP Interoperability (PHP-FIG, PSR). Paul and Vítor's talk will initially be on the benefits of PHP interoperability and what added value it brings to the PHP table. They will then dive straight into showing how to practically take advantage of Interoperability, in real-world projects by using the PPI Framework. PPI Framework goes beyond the basic PSR's that are in the PHP-FIG and takes things to the next level.
  • PPI - The PHP Interoperability Framework
  •   Presented at PHPSW, May 2015.
  • Paul and Vítor will be showing off the newly released PPI 2.1, explaining what we've been working on and what extra value using an interop framework brings on top of just using a single standalone framework.

Credits: Header photo by Everaldo Coelho on Unsplash